Detect Water Leaks Before the Bills Do

Many a times, we are confronted with the situation of bad water clogs or water logging due to a minor leak in the system. Leaking water pipes are a hazard in disguise because they have many serious disadvantages. They can lead to structural damage, mold and mildew growth which is unhygienic for the members of the house. Added to this is the fact that the water bills sour even before you know there is a leak and reach numbers that you would not like to see. Water leak detection is not as complicated as gas leak detection and can be easily conducted in the house.

Thus it is very important to be thorough with the plumbing system of your house. Let us look into some of the intricate steps of water leak detection that can be easily undertaken by members of the household in order to detect the occurrence of a leak in the house water system. This will keep away late detection of water leaks which occurs only after a significant amount of water is lost كشف تسريب المياه. This could also lead to creation of small damp patches in the walls as the pipelines lying below it release the water and wet the surrounding walls calling for serious plumbing service.

The key to detecting household water leaks lies in the fact that any leak would be accompanied by a hissing or dripping sound and can be heard if intently listened for. A regular check can be easily undertaken by switching off all water and electrical appliances in the room or part of house, in order to minimize the noise in the house. Any kind of hissing noise or drip caused by water leaking at any point of the water system must then be listened for intently. The lids of toilets and tanks must be removed from time to time and checked for any extra hissing sound in the water system.

In case of faucets in the toilet, a few coloring agents used in the kitchen can be used to test for presence of leaks. A few drops of the coloring agent can be added to the faucet and kept under observation for a time period of half hour or more. If the color in the water disappears after a while then that would indicate the presence of a leak in the faucet even if it is a minor one. In this manner you will be more accurate in calling up the plumbing contractors.

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