Different Types of Lawn Mowers Explained

There are many different kinds of lawn mowers.

Once you begin looking towards getting a new mower you will probably lookup some lawn mower reviews and very quickly discover that you’ve many options available to you, along with the specific type of lawn mower (for example cost, size, and the like). That said, it’s fair to say that the type of mower you are considering purchasing is the primary factor involved. Cost, size, and everything else becomes unimportant if you start searching for commercial zero-turn mowers when you happen to just have a 20ft lawn.

It is essential to undertake a brief analysis of the various sorts of lawn mowers and lawn tractors before you start checking through reviews, allowing you to grasp the basic facts surrounding them; like if, for example, the mower you are wanting to buy runs on a horizontal axis (known as a cylinder, or reel mower) or vertical axis (termed as a rotary mower). Just below are my different types of lawn mower reviews.

Reel/cylinder (horizontal axis) – Reel/cylinder mowers may be human-powered, but they are often joined together with an internal combustion engine.
As the most well liked commercial walk behind mowers (a lawn mower you push); the horizontal mower blade axis can make reel/cylinder mowers a superb all-rounder. They’d be of little use on commercial lawns, however for a small household lawn they are excellent.

Rotary (vertical axis) – Vertical rotary blades are incredibly powerful, and consequently typically they must be powered by an interior combustion engine. That said, electric rotary mowers have grown to be ever more common.

The primary down side to rotary mowers is because of the vertical axis they do not collect the grass cuttings. You will have to leave the cutting on the ground unless you wish to bag them to keep the newly cut lawn looking uncluttered.

Like with reel/cylinder mowers, the majority of these would be of very little use on commercial lawns, but for a compact home lawn they’re ideal.

Hover – Hover mowers are energized rotary push lawn mowers that make use of a turbine engine over the rotating blades to force air down so to produce an air cushion, lifting the mower above the ground.

Hover mowers are excellent for massive commercial lawns, parks and fields, and even for excessive grass areas. They are also equipped excellently to cut things such as shrubs due to their ability to hover.

Ride-on (also known as riding, or lawn tractors) – These are typically really popular for substantial commercial lawns, school fields and parks. The person working with the mower can sit atop it, operating the mower and literally riding it.

Nearly all riding mowers use the horizontal (reel) rotating blade system, accompanied by a lot of blades.

Size and sustainability: The Changing Hardwood Industry


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Hardwood flooring is not an exception to this trend. Consumer preferences and environmental concerns change as time passes. The hardwood industry has seen major changes in recent years, including a rise in consumer demand for longer planks and increased domestic manufacturing. My Affordable Floors is the hardwood flooring specialist in the Chicago, Milwaukee, Racine and Chicago areas. We are always up to date on the latest trends in the industry.

This is the biggest change in the industry. It has seen consumers prefer wider planks over narrower planks. This surprise was not expected by many in the hardwood industry. However, homeowners are choosing long, wider planks to install their hardwood flooring services. This trend is evident in most American hardwood flooring products. They look great in open floor plans and are continuing to gain popularity. This is a more modern and sophisticated design that creates a more inviting floor.

The shift to longer planks and wider boards has also led to the switch from solid to engineered. This platform allows for more design flexibility than solid wood. Engineered wood is cheaper and easier to make wide planks from solid wood. However, engineered wood can save money while maintaining a natural appearance.

Consumer preference for natural and authentic flooring products that are free of harmful chemicals and emissions is driving a shift to domestic manufacturing. All major flooring companies are more concerned with ensuring their products comply with health standards today than they were five years ago. Consumers are looking for authentic, safe and locally-sourced materials for their homes. American-made products meet this requirement.
My Affordable Floors expects these trends to continue and is ready to meet our customers’ needs regardless of the latest trends. Every job will be completed with expert workmanship, high-quality materials, outstanding customer service and affordable prices.