For Sami Baki, Business Is About Adding Value To Others

Every business owner wants to earn money. But what really motivates you must be more than financial gain. Sami Baki always knew he was going to own a business as do most people of us, his first motive was money. However, as he got older and grew, he stopped thinking about the money, and instead became focused on helping others.

When Sami was 16years old, He felt the urge to think about the best way to earn money. He was involved in a vehicle accident which, thankfully, nobody was injured from check over here. But, his parents were financially accountable. Sami was aware that he would never want to ever be a risk ever again, which is why he took an opportunity in a local restaurant, while starting the Amazon FBA business. Sami was a king of the world, thanks to the tiny amount he made through both jobs. Then Sami was told that he would have close his business due to not knowing he was infringing upon another business’s rights. However, Sami did not let this setback deter him from pursuing his goals. He sought out other avenues to earn money and decided to stay to whatever he picked as the next step.

Sami’s next venture was a digital marketing company, Upsurge Media, now Finesse Digital Media. While his peers were spending their money on car stereos and went out to party, Sami made cold calls as well as worked in Restaurants, worked at the bar, and also took college classes. Unbelieving that the traditional path was the best for Sami, Sami left college and invested his money in classes and books to further his self-education. “Although initially my primary motivation was to earn more money, once I had dropped out and creating enormously successful seven-figure companies I stopped worrying about running a business solely for the money. Then, I began to focus on helping people and contributing value to – especially those whom I am passionate about. This is what keeps me up in the mornings,” says Sami Baki.

Every day Sami is able to fulfill his love of helping others develop and grow their businesses. He establishes clear goals that keep him committed to his progress , not necessarily the final result. “To be motivated by your own personal growth as a result of the adventure that you are on with all the twists and turns it may take is far more powerful than just caring about the outcome that you want,” Says Sami Baki.

If businesses see growth because of the energy Sami invests in them, everyone benefits. Because she is focused on the journey and not the end goal, Sami can stay detached from the end result and concentrate on helping other people.

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